Posted by: Alicia Phillips | June 19, 2013

I’m Going on an Aventure!!

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 Today is my last official day as a Peace Corps volunteer! I can’t believe two years have already gone by. Leaving Suva was a bit stressful for me, packing up, leaving my house, doing my exit interview with my country director, saying good-bye to staff and finally boarding a bus out of town.

I can’t believe my time in Fiji is over, im trying not to be sad im leaving- but happy I was even here in the first place. In case you’re interested, I put together a “50 things” page talking about all of the things I will miss most about Fiji. It’s at the top of this page.

Now, on to a new adventure! I’ve decided not to go straight home from Fiji. I’m going to take my time and see a little bit of the world. Would be silly not to, right?

This pretty much sums it up...

This pretty much sums it up…

Where am I going you may ask? Lemme break it down for you…

Australia for around 4 weeks. Kickin’ it in Sydney this weekend then making it up to Hunter Valley to do some wwoofing on an avocado and mushroom farm. ( check it out!!) After that I am heading to Melbourne for a few weeks then flying up to Darwin to explore for a bit.

From Australia I will be flying into Singapore to spend a few nights couch surfing. Singapore is supposed to be really cool, really clean, and really expensive. So I doubt I’ll spend much time there.

I’m getting on a train in Singapore and taking it up through Malaysia (where I plan on spending a week or so exploring) and getting off in Thailand. Thailand will be fun, I am volunteering at an elephant sanctuary for a week and then I signed up for a vipassana. I want to take a few cooking classes and massage classes too.

From Thailand I will make it over to Cambodia for a while, gotta see Angkor Wat! May explore Cambodia for a while before flying to the Philippines to visit a friend.

After the Philippines I will fly into Seoul, South Korea to see a friend there for a few days, and then back to the USA!!!

On a side note to my family and friends: I got into grad school!!! Whooo-hoooo!! I was accepted to UAMS in Little Rock to study Public Health! I start in January. Just one more reason to travel and do fun exciting things now….because for the next few years I’ll be stuck in a library. Gah! I’m super stoked to move to Little Rock though!

Should be a pretty exciting few months! I’ve gotten all kinds of advice from people about what to do and how to take care of myself, but there is one piece of advice that I am taking to heart. My big brother Vill, who is an Army man keep in mind, told me to “Be smart, and be nice to people, but always have a back up plan to kill everyone in the room if you need to”. HA!

I am going to be pretty selfish on this trip, selfish in the sense that I am going to explore places and see the things I want to do.  One of the reasons why I deactivated my Facebook account was because I want this adventure to be entirely my own. I don’t want to worry about updating everyone with status updates everytime I do something exciting or uploading pictures of all the cool things I’m seeing. I want to be able to tell people about my adventures, or have them read this blog, or send me an email, not hope that they look at my profile page and leave comments on my wall. Does that make sense?

(On a side note, I freaking love not being on Facebook. One of the best things I could have done. I recommend it to anyone)

So anyways, that is the plan. I should be back in America by mid to late September if everything goes according to plan.

I’ll keep in touch!


  1. Alicia, take care. The daughter of a friend of mine (from high school) is in the Peace Corp in Cambodia. Do you want her contact, just in case? You will have an amazing time. Looking forward to reading your new blogs.

  2. Hey Alicia! I’m Sam, im 27, also in public health and I follow your blog from Sydney. Great to hear you’ll be here this weekend! You probably met some Australian AYADs in Fiji (it’s a program like the PC): we’re having a reunion this weekend in Sydney, so if you feel like coming to hang out Friday and meeting some cool people who have volunteered all around the world, you’ve very welcome! Shoot me an email on, and I’ll let you know the deets. There’ll be some Fiji vollies there too! I went to Thailand for two years, so I can give you heaps of recommendations! Anyway, hope to meet you soon! Cheers, Sam.

  3. Congratulations on finishing your PC assignment. Wow on your travel plans. You are an inspiration. I look forward to your travel posts . . . avocado farm and elephant reserve especially.

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