Posted by: Alicia Phillips | March 27, 2013

Endless Summer

     Seasons. Something I took for granted back home but something I am desperately missing here in Fiji. Fiji is great because it is always summer, always beach weather, always sandal and tank top weather. You never need a coat and you always have sunscreen and bug spray in your bag. Any weekend out of the year you can up and decide to spend it at a backpackers place on the coast and soak up the sun and the sea. Gardens and flowers never die (except when I plant them…) because it’s never too cold and there’s never a drought. You need your grass cut year round. Packing is made easier because summer clothes take up less room then winter clothes, your hair is always a shade or two lighter and you always have a tan.

     Seems to me seasons go by pretty quick back home (from what I see on friends and families Facebook status’s). Feels like just last week I was emailing people back home about how hot the summer was there and how there was a bad drought and all the crops were failing. Then I start seeing pictures of people happily playing in the snow….then pictures of people being miserable because it’s still snowing, And now Facebook tells me it’s already spring break! Next week they will probably be complaining that it’s too hot again! All the while I’ve been sweating my ass off in this island country of endless summer.

     I took for granted how the seasons kept things exciting! Always changing. Always catching you off guard.

     I’ve missed two “first” snowfalls of winter, two college football seasons (you know where your burning up at the start of the season and freezing towards the end), two spring breaks, two burning hot summers, two seasons of watching the leaves change color, two seasons of that feeling you get when you’re in your car and its warm up enough to roll down your windows, two seasons of getting excited when it’s just getting cold enough to start wearing cute scarves and hats, two seasons of having school/work cancelled due to snow/ice storms, two seasons of shopping at The Home Depot garden center to start a flower garden in your backyard (mom!!), two seasons of getting excited to go to the lake/river, two tornado seasons when your eye is always on the sky, and two holiday seasons where you make pumpkin pie and apple cider and wear big comfy sweaters and sit in front of fireplaces. 

As much as I love living in Fiji and having access to the warm South Pacific Ocean and sunny skies (most of the time), I still can’t wait to wear jeans again and turn the heater on in my car! I should be getting back to America in mid-September. Just in time for it to start cooling down!  

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