Posted by: Alicia Phillips | November 20, 2012

You wanna know what its like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer?

Watch these hilarious, yet oh so true videos. Granted only about 90% of the things in these videos actually relate to me, because I happen to live in an island paradise and I have electricity and reliable access to food. But most everything else is right on!

Here ya go.

Video #1: Poop in a Hole. Actually written by a volunteer living in the South Pacific. He and his in country counterpart worked together on it.

Video #2: So you wanna join Peace Corps. Pretty hilarious.

And lastly, not a video, but a pretty freaking hilarious tumblr blog:


Side note: friends and family….I do apologize for not updating my blog much lately. I have been lazy. However, I do have a few blogs I am working on right now. Blogs about a certain boy in my life ;), about some new hobbies I have picked up, about how I am dreading the holiday season, and about what I am going to be doing post Peace Corps (only 7 short months from now!) So i’ll keep in touch!!!!





  1. Have a good Turkey Day, if you can.

  2. Happy holidays, anyway. May you enjoy your few months left in paradise!

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