Posted by: Alicia Phillips | August 27, 2012

Words for the Wise

Just a few words for the wise for the incoming group of volunteers fresh from America:

-Are you comfortable sitting cross legged on the floor for hours and hours…..because if you’re not… will be soon.

-I hope you like Justin Beiber and Celine Dion as much as every else in this country does….

-5 hour bus ride smashed in beside a morbidly obese woman with 3 small children in her lap? Piece of Cake!

-Girls, you’re in luck…..Fijian men are gorgeous.

-You’re not going to swim in the ocean and lay on the beach everyday…just  in case that’s what you were thinking.  Only special occasions….but man   when you do….you’ll know why they call this place paradise.

-Females: You’re probably going to gain 10 pounds during training. Just accept it and promise yourself you’ll lose it again once you get to site.

-What? You don’t know how to cook? Oh…..just wait…you’ll learn.

-Duty Free booze in LAX….just do it.

-Don’t bring anything with you that you can’t stand to lose, have stolen, or break. You can get everything you need here.

A lot of volunteers get caught up on Peace Corps goal #1…….Don’t forget about Goal #2 and #3. Those are just as important.

If you let yourself, you’re going to freaking love it here.


  1. Alicia, your beautiful positive attitude is your best asset! I can ‘hear’ it in everything you write, even on a ‘down’ day, of which you’ve written. There has to be downers to let you appreciate the uppers! You are a wonderful example for anyone who considers a similar life. Bless you and enjoy!

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