Posted by: Alicia Phillips | August 8, 2012

Fiji’s First FLASH MOB!

Yes! A flash mob! Dance party in the park!

Let’s rewind to about 3 months ago. Liz (my counterpart) and I were in a meeting talking about preparations for the Hibiscus Festival that is in August. (Hibiscus festival = big deal in Fiji) Since Liz and I are in charge of promoting physical activity to the people of Fiji we were given the task to come up with a way to get people moving and active. No easy task. However, we are regular participants of the ridiculously popular local Zumba class.  So after one of these classes we got to thinking “Why don’t we have a big dance party in downtown Suva??”

Piece of cake, right? No, not really. Lots and lots of planning!

First order of business: we had to get a song. We didn’t want to use just any song off the radio. We wanted a song that gave our messages (Get moving now, it’s not too late, Sit less, 30 minutes a day, every day in any way you can, blah, blah, blah…) but we still needed it to be “cool” enough for kids to want to listen and dance to. So we met with a local singer/producer and commissioned him to come up with a song using our messages and make it catchy and easy to dance to. Also, we asked him to incorporate English lyrics, Fijian lyrics, AND Hindi lyrics so we could reach people all across Fiji.

Well…..after many meetings and tweaks and changes and demos and listens and second opinions….we got our song! It’s called “Move Fiji”

Lyrics to “Move Fiji”

Bridge-    Move! Move! Move!

                Let’s all step up to a healthier lifestyle – Everybody

                Wake up, wake up! It’s not too late

                Move! Snap! Move!

                It’s time to change to a better lifestyle – Everyboidy

 Come on lets move Fiji, everyday your way

One step at a time, Do it your own style

30 minutes daily, move with lots of fun

Come on everybody, come and join us

                Shake wiggle, shuffle, move – Starting now, start now

                It’s not to late for you to start now (really) – starting now, start now

                O HO, Sit less make it daily people – starting now, start now

                Make it simple make it fun – make it fun

                Come on lets move Fiji


 Toso kece Viti toso, Do mai la vata taucoko

Kua sara ni dua e vo, Sega ni bero ke o tekivu qo

Rauta na talaileka, yavala qo

Mo bulabulamai toso, Kena guana qo

                Stop sitting around wake up- starting now start new

                Its not to late for you to start now people – starting now start new

                O Ho, step up to a healthier lifestyle – starting now start new

Make it simple make it fun- make it fun

                Let us dance Fiji

Moving daily now is fun – moving daily now is fun

Add more years in to your life – add more years in to your life

Add more life in to your years – add more life in to your years

Boogie on, rock it, make it fun!


Move Fiji, I say move Fiji! X 3

(Rap) I say move daily people move

You got to watch your lifestyle and check your boom boom

All sizes all races all genders and faith

You got to keep your body moving because it’s never too late


I say Move…………..lets move Fiji

Toso……………………Toso kece Viti

Chalo………………….Chalteroho Fiji

Move now………….Move Fiji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 So we got our song. Awesome! Next step: Getting a dance routine.

This is where our amazingly talented Zumba teacher comes in to play. I swear this lady can move her body in ways I didn’t think possible. She is the best dancer I have ever seen! And she is such a good teacher. So we asked her and her crew if they would be interested in possibly coming up with a routine and performing it for the song launch. They said yes!

Next challenge: getting the locals schools to commit to learning the song. Liz got in contact with a few of the schools that work in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and asked them if they would be interested in participating in the launching of the Fiji Physical Activity theme song and dance and we had 5 schools agree!

So once the dance we finished we went to each one of the school and got the kids together and taught them the dance! I made a DVD for them all to watch and practice every day!

So now the hard part was over, now we just had to work on the logistics for the launch. Booking the park, getting a permit, finding school buses to pick up all the kids, having refreshments ready, setting up the tent, ordering enough t-shirts for everyone, renting a sound system, having free giveaways, inviting all the VIPs in Suva to attend, etc, etc, etc..

Let’s Move Fiji T-Shirts

Then came the big day; Friday at noon in downtown Suva. Liz and I running around like crazy people making sure everything is going according to plan, the entire ministry of health promotion office supporting us in any ways we needed, the entire Peace Corps staff coming down to support us, the school buses started showing up, dropping off 800+ kids; passerby’s coming over to see what was going on; finally the dance crew showed up and the party started!!!

We started off by blaring the song over the speakers and all the kids started doing the dance! They had all been practicing and knew all the moves! Then the public started joining in! In total we had over 1,000 people show up and participate! The dance crew was great! They stayed up there for 2 hours teaching everyone the dance moves and getting the public involved and keeping everyone entertained.

The AWESOME dance crew

Overall it was a huge success! It didn’t rain, no kids got lost, we had a huge turnout, and our bosses were happy. Plus, it ended just in time for Liz and I to hit up the $3 beer happy hour!

Now we have the song playing regularly on the radio, the dance will be performed again at the hibiscus festival, and hopefully all of Fiji will become familiar with the lyrics of the song and our message will be put out there for all to hear.

Yay Fiji! 🙂


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