Posted by: Alicia Phillips | July 25, 2012

Help! I’m trapped in Suva and I can’t get out!

Okay, not really, I’ve just been working a lot and haven’t been able to go out and explore Fiji like I want to. It’s been a while since I have thrown you an update on life here, so here you go.  In a nutshell: things are excellent. I am a little past my halfway point of service, my job is going really well, I have a lot of fun projects running, living in Suva is great (as long as I can get out of town every so often), and I even met a boy that I really like! Imagine that! 🙂

But, I have been working in the office a lot lately, so I don’t have anything really exciting to tell you (unless you get all geeky and excited about health promotion like I do). August is a big month for me and my work. There is a huge festival happening called the Hibiscus Festival, the biggest one in Fiji, and my work has been put in charge of doing activities that promote healthy lifestyles all throughout the festival.  Exciting right? Except everyone in my office is super stressed out and running around like crazy right now! No worries though, after it’s over I will fill you all in on the details! Spoiler alert: Liz (my counterpart) and I are sort of organizing a flash mob in downtown Suva!

Even though I am super boring right now, I do have a few exciting things planned in the near future that I will be sure to tell you all about! On the agenda for the next 2 months: 2 week tour/work trip on the north island (Vanua Levu), weekend camping trip on a deserted beach (Nananu-I-Ra), climbing a mountain (Mount Tova), playing with dolphins, learning how to paddleboard, and it’s almost my birthday so I have to find a way to somehow top last year’s birthday celebration! Which will be a challenge!

So be sure and stay tuned!


  1. I remember Hibiscus Festival as a little kid. We used to think it was the best thing ever…maybe we still do. But my brother won 1st prize in the baby show contest many many years ago! Enjoy the festival 🙂

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