Posted by: Alicia Phillips | March 31, 2012

War and Peace

Bula Vinaka guys!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the word “service”. Peace Corps service and military service. Service is defined as: An act of helpful activity, help, aid.  We are both serving America…..but our service couldn’t be more different.  A lot of Peace Corps advertisements talk about sacrifice; you leave your family, your friends, all the comforts of home, you move to another country, try to live the way the locals live, do your service, don’t get paid, then you come home again. Sure, that’s a sacrifice. But it’s nothing compared to what our troops are asked to sacrifice when and if the time comes. A lot of people give the ultimate sacrifice.

This has been on my mind lately because my big brother has recently been deployed. My big brother is a BAMF, that’s really all you need to know.

It’s kind of strange feeling knowing that here I am, serving in paradise, while he is off serving somewhere that is the complete opposite of Fiji. When he has a bad day he can’t just take off and spend the weekend at the beach. And his bad days are most definitely worse than my “bad days.”

So I just want to say to him and everyone else out there serving, VINAKA VAKALEVU (thank you very much) for doing what you do, so that I can be here doing what I do. And stay safe!

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