Posted by: Alicia Phillips | November 15, 2011

Things I miss the most…

Lately, I have had a lot of people ask me what I miss the most from home. Obviously I miss my family and friends the most, as I have access to everything I need and most of the things that I want here. The things I get here may not be what I am used to but they do the job and trying new things is good. Hello?! Indian sweets anybody? Flippin’ delicious!

My good friend Megan, another PCV, just got back from a 3 week vacation back home. Megan has been here a year longer than I have (which means she hasn’t been home in 17 months) and going back she said she was amazed at some of the things we have in America that isn’t available in Fiji, such as carpeting and so many different magazines and fancy phones (that was just at LAX). SO, before I get too immune to not having these things and I forget about just how awesome they are let me give you a top 10 list of things that I miss the most from home and why.

#1- My car. Hands down. Here the only way I get somewhere is to take the bus or I walk. Sometimes when I am feeling fancy I will take a taxi but taxi fares just doubled in price and are much too expensive for me to take now. I probably walk 4-5 miles a day (not including my workouts), I walk to and from my bus stop, to and from work, and to and from town. Which explains why I have literally destroyed every pair of shoes I brought with me to Fiji. However, on the upside, I love walking. I always get my best ideas and figure out my problems when I walk, it’s like a meditation for me. Plus, Fiji is so beautiful and when you walk you get to see things that you might miss riding in a vehicle.

#2- Target. My friends and I can seriously sit around and talk about how awesome Target is for hours without getting bored. I mean honestly, you can get everything there!! It’s amazing!! Don’t take it for granted!

#3- Chick-fil-A.  “… I’ll have the #1 with a fruit cup instead of fries and a large Diet Dr. Pepper…” So easy, so tasty!!

#4- This brings me to Diet Dr. Pepper. I think I have a problem. First thing I did in this country was look to see if they have Dr. Pepper products. Sadly, they have Coke. I don’t drink a lot of sodas these days anyways, mostly because of the outrageous amounts of water with oral rehydration salts that I drink, but sometimes I just really really want a DDP.

#5- Football games. I know America is a little backwards when it comes to professional sports, we don’t go crazy for soccer or rugby like the rest of the world does, but I think it’s because we have Football and nothing beats a good football game. Right?! Nothing! However, I got pretty into the Ruby world cup this year and let me tell you, Rugby is awesome!!! Especially when you live in a country that has a pretty good Rugby team. Go Fiji! (Actually New Zealand’s team won so Go ALL BLACKS!!!)

#6- Pandora/XM radio. My iTunes music is getting really old. And while sometimes the radio here will play a good song, most of the time it is crazy mixes of American pop songs where they increase the pitch and cut in pieces of other songs and play it all as one. It’s ridiculous and is played everywhere, on the bus, in the stores, on the street, on peoples phones, and it is played LOUD. I feel brainwashed. When I first got here I couldn’t stand to hear it, it literally made my ears bleed…but now….I find myself tapping my foot with the beat…. and that scares me…..

#7 – Wearing my hair down. First of all it is MUCH too hot here to wear your hair down. And second of all I have noticed that people consider it to look sloppy when you wear your hair down. You don’t look put together. SO I am forever wearing my hair up. On the upside though, I have become a master at the French braid, something I have always wanted to do, so score 1 for me.

#8- The Discovery Channel. I don’t have a TV, so I don’t have a choice. But boy when I come home the Discovery Channel will be on 24/7. Maybe I’ll switch it HGTV or the Food network every so often.

#9- Berries. SAD that they don’t grow here. No strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries. However, we do have amazing papaya and mango that I eat every single morning for breakfast. Delicious!!!

#10- Seasons. I know I haven’t been here long enough to really feel the impact of this, but heading into the holiday season with temperature levels hitting the mid to high 90’s is pretty weird. I always look forward to the upcoming seasons, whether its getting to wear scarves and drink apple cider in the fall, or to play in the snow in the winter, or to finally get to wear shorts again and plant a garden in the spring, to wearing a swimsuit and going swimming in the summer. This endless summer thing could really get old I think. However, I don’t want to complain, because, come on, I live in Fiji. 🙂


  1. *shoes that aren’t flip flops*Dish waster* air conditioning* wearing jeans* not seeing a large insect in a 5min period* mall* chipotle* margaritas* my dog* a closet * being able to drink water from a tap and not be frightened* driving* not having to know anything about a septic tank* ID on Discovery lol* good wine* micro-brews* project runway* tacos* well mexican food* looking good* dressing fancy* not having ants literally in my pants* heals* cold* drive through* WHOLE FOODS* jo anne fabrics* boots* mirrors* having a bathroom in my house* hot water* light switches* beef jerkey* ….. and i could go on, but lets not bore your fans 🙂

    • hahaha Oh yeah ALL those things too!!!! ha!

  2. Oh yeah, now I miss all that stuff too 😦 Good additions, Livia. I can only add Home Depot and the ease of Amazon ordering to the list. And the abundance provided by almost any good U.S. supermarket. Someday maybe Fiji will learn inventory management so the whole country won’t run out of butter, sugar or plywood.

    • Haha! Good additions John! I forgot how much fun it is to walk around Home Depot! And Costco!! And Sam’s Club! Amazon ordering just got me in trouble. I bet in two years I will be writing a list of things I miss about Fiji, and snorkeling off your boat will definitely be on there! We have got to go sea kayaking soon!

  3. I was in my jeep at the panera bread drive thru, listening to Sirius radio, drinking a DDP, on my way to target while I read this post.. On my iPhone 4. Ha but don’t worry, I will be without all of those things shortly.. But unfortunately I will not be in beautiful Fiji. Love you sister.

    • And too top it off.. it is a beautiful Fall day.

      • Thanks for that Vill. At least someone is enjoying all those wonderful things! Soak it up, I am pretty sure Afghanistan will be the opposite of Fiji in every single way. Love you brother!

  4. Alicia, I am a blast from your long ago past. I can’t sleep since I work crazy hours. Facebook on my cell phone helps with insomnia… or quite possibly causes it. Anyway, I ran across this blog and am amazed by your adventure in Fiji! I’ve read a few posts but quit when I started to feel like a stalker. (eeek!) You have grown into a lovely young lady. I wish you all the best.

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