Posted by: Alicia Phillips | August 6, 2011

Most EPIC birthday ever

I turned 25 this August. I’ve been on this planet for a quarter of a century! An occasion of this magnitude called for an epic day of celebration.  And that’s exactly what happened.

Me and a few other volunteers who live up in the RA district all met up with a long time friend of Peace Corps volunteers, John.  John was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Fiji in the 80s. He and his wife are now living in Fiji.

He has a fishing boat so he offered to take all of us to the outer reefs to see some amazing coral! I have never been snorkeling before, first time doing it in Fiji, not too shabby. Then he took us to a deserted beach were we swam and ate fresh coconut and pineapple and trekked through the jungle.  Afterwards he took us to another great snorkeling spot that literally changed my life. It was so beautiful, it was perfect!

We caught some fish!

Once we got back in from the ocean, we all changed and went to a great little backpackers resort to eat, swim, and celebrate my birthday! Check it out. Once we were there 3 more volunteers joined us and we all got a little piece of heaven called the VoliVoli burger. It may not be a big deal to you in America but in Fiji it was amazing because #1) it was beef not lamb #2) it had a fried egg on it and #3) it had vegetables on it. After eating nothing but Dahl soup and vegetable curry for 3 months, this was amazing.

After lunch, the celebration began. I won’t go in to a lot of detail here but let me just say it was EPIC.  Here’s a few highlights of the night: Tequila shots, sunset on the beach, gorilla man, grog, limbo, pass the bottle, dancing, cake!, stolen sandals, $200 bar tab, exotica nightclub, and finally, sleeping in the bure.

The next day, after a horrible 2 ½ hour bus ride I get back to Lautoka and go to my friend Meghan’s house and find that I have packages from home waiting on me!! I got a package from my brother Vill that was full of Green tea and books and chocolate! And I got another package from my friend Whitney and a card from the company I worked at back home, Hytrol Conveyor Company, which was full of candy and magazines! All this while eating homemade banana bread and hummus made my Megan!

Here is my freezer, full of candy. 🙂

Here is a picture that my friend Livia painted for me!! Isn’t it pretty!?

Honestly, how can any other birthday top this one? Everyday something new happens that reminds me how blessed I am to be here doing what I am doing.


  1. I love the painting!! Beautiful! Is that you in it? Your pictures are beautiful, too. So glad you had an awesome birthday!

    • You’re the best package sender EVER! Miss you friend.

  2. Oh, Alicia, you are living a dream. How awesome it sounds. What I wouldn’t give to have even thought of such an idea, let alone get to live it. I’m so happy for you. I’m living your experience thru this blog of yours! Yes that is a beautiful paintig, so original!! Wish I had an imagination like that. I hope you continue to enjoy, learn and share your experiences in Fiji.. Totally wonderful. Aunt LouAnn & Uncle Herb

  3. Hey Alicia,
    Not sure of the best way to get in contact with pcv in Fiji. so sorry for the random blog comment. My wife and I are Peace Corps volunteers in Vanuatu, we are finishing up our service in October and will have a few days in Fiji on our way back to the states. We would love to meet up with some PCV while we are there if it is possible. Could you give out our contact info to any volunteers that might be interested in meeting up? We will only be in country for a few days, so will probably stay in the Nadi and Suva areas.
    Thank you,
    Alex and Lucas

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