Posted by: Alicia Phillips | July 17, 2011

Kai Vulagi

I had this text conversation with my friend Livia yesterday, I thought it might give you a small glimpse on what’s it like to be a Kai vulagi (a.k.a. white skinned person) in this country.

Me: I feel like a zoo animal. Everyone keeps staring and pointing at me, and when I wave they bust out in laughter.

Livia: We are zoo animals. We are fed, watched, and live in houses with bars on the windows.

Me: Holy crap, you’re right….

Livia: People even come and change the grass in my cage!

(Side note: Livia lives in a bure and you have to change the floor every couple of months).

I get asked daily which netball team I play for since I’m so tall, which isn’t that much different than America come to think of it. Most Fijians assume I am Australian. I explained to a man that I work with that I am from America. He asked which part, so I told him Arkansas and he give me a look like I said I was from Saturn. So I explain that it is close to Texas, a look of recognition crossed his face and he said “Ohhh yeah, that’s where Chuck Norris is from.”   



  1. I enjoy your post. Glad to see chairs finally. Bo

  2. hey wonderful sister! looks like you are set up pretty good over there! your flat looks amazing.. second floor with a wrap around balcony! awesome. I’m sending you a package tomorrow!

  3. Hello Alicia.

    My name is Marcia Arnold. I am Dan’s mother, and I enjoy reading your blog. Dan is wonderful, but he does not communicate enough, at least for us. I LOVE the pictures from your birthday. Happy BD, btw. If it is at all possible, I would appreciate if you could send the full files of some of the pictures with Dan in it to my email.

    Do enjoy your stay there, which it certainly seems you are!

    Enjoy and Cheers!


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