Posted by: Alicia Phillips | June 8, 2011


Mom, don’t read this post…

Hey guys! Exciting news this week; exciting and unsettling. My host family’s house got robbed Tuesday morning. The thieves broke in a window while we were all asleep, around 3:30am, and proceeded to steal 2 television sets. My host mom discovered that they were in the house only when she saw a man attempting to come in to my bedroom. She then proceeded to go ape shit crazy on him, chased him out of the house, across the street, and down a hill, all while screaming his name in bloody murder ordering him to bring her TV back. Apparently this particular man has been bothering them for some time.

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty freaked out. We called the police and they brought a K9 unit to the scene and then proceeded to track down one guy, couldn’t find the other ones and no TV turned up. They brought the man back to our house and questioned him.  Then, after he shouted a few verbal threats at my host mom, they took him to the police station to be questioned.

Afterwards the Fiji police sat down with me and asked me a ton of questions then assured me that most robberies are non-violent and hardly ever include guns. Which made me feel better…..NOT!

I alerted the Peace Corps and they immediately sent their safety and security man out to the house to talk to my family about putting up more security around the house. Peace Corps was very supportive of me, asked me if I wanted to move to another house, if I needed any type of counseling, and gave me phone numbers to call.

Unfortunately this sort of thing is common in Fiji. Any foreigner, especially Americans already have a stereotype of being rich (which as you all know is not the case with me) and that we have a lot of nice things, so we are targeted.  That is why the Peace Corps is so adamant about  the volunteers living on the same level as their community, only paying us enough to live as comfortably as those around us.

So anyways, that’s my big news. I don’t have much else to talk about. Still in training, still have NO IDEA where my permanent site will be, or what my job will be. BUT, I find out in 2 weeks! Pray it’s somewhere cool where I have an awesome job!

Until next time, Fir milegga!


  1. Darlin! so glad everyone is ok! Tell your host mom I love her!!!! Lock your bedroom door! I love you!!!!!!

  2. NOOOOOOO!! bad news?! I am so sorry you had to experience that, but I’m glad it didn’t become violent! I think about you everyday, Alicia! I know you are doing great things and I’m so excited for your future posts and pictures!! Please let me know when you need something!

  3. Sorry to hear about that Alicia! Definitely not a proper reflection of my country… I hope you managed to figure some sort of a plan with my sister. i have been bothering about getting a hold of you somehow to show you some sweet sites in Fiji. keep the articles coming!

  4. Alicia so sorry to hear about you getting robbed glad you were not hurt, I’m glad you are doing well and love reading your posts and seeing your pictures. Stay healthy and safe and keep us updated. Renee Williams

  5. Wow! You seem to be taking that really well. That is very unsettling to hear. However, your host mom sounds like an awesome and fearless woman! That is pretty hardcore to chase the bad guys around in the middle of the night. I hope you don’t have to deal with that again. Stay safe. By the way, your posts are great. Keep em coming!

  6. Way tp go, Alicia, keep a cool head during ANY emergency.. you can ‘fall apart” after, if necessary!!. That’s one of the main things in life to learn. At least it was in MY life. I learned that babysitting at 14.. you keep a level head, those around you are more inclined to react accordingly. Good thing your “HM” knew the ‘villan’.. lol She probably could
    ‘give him WHAT FOR!?” LOL.. Yep the American Image leaves a lot to be desired. YOU are a living example of what we SHOULD be like…caring, curtious, intelligent and very down to earth type of person. NOT some loud-mouth, flashy, idiot who should never have left home!!! Hope you get your desired assignment.. If anyone deserves it, to represent our Country and care about theirs, you would be the best selection. KEEP US POSTED!!
    God Bless You in your travels!!

  7. […] home. Me and Hermes were burgled before we’d even been here two months. Hell, it even happens to host families of Peace Corps Volunteers, so even if you are in a building with 24 hour security guards (these are […]

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