Posted by: Alicia Phillips | May 6, 2011

Wrapping things up….

Quick update:

I got an email from the Fiji desk the other day with all my flight and staging info. I will be flying out of Memphis to Los Angeles next Monday. There I will meet with the rest of the FRE-9’s and will spend all day Tuesday getting to know each other, finishing up paperwork, learning about what to expect when we get there, how to dress and a little bit about the political situation over there right now. Then Tuesday night we will all make the 10 hour flight out of LAX to Nadi (pronounced Nan-dhi), Fiji. Once we land we will then take a 3 hour bus ride along the coast to the capital of Fiji, Suva. We will stay in Suva, or in neighboring towns for the entire training period.

For the first week we will all stay together at a hotel in Suva called Club Oceanus and then on Monday May 24th I will meet my host family for the first time, and will move in with them for the next 7 weeks! How exciting!!  Most of my training will be built around the community experience I will encounter with them. I am expected to structure most of my language and culture learning myself through spending time with my host family. I will have formal language training 4 days a week, along with hands on technical training, cross-cultural training and health and safety training.

On week 5, I will find out where my permanent site will be.  This will be an exciting day! I haven’t decided yet if I would rather live in a city or in a small village (it’s not up to me), I think there will be pro’s and con’s to both. I am going to try to go in to it with a no preference kind of mindset. I will try to “bloom wherever I am planted”.

The on Monday, July 4th, I will be sworn in as an official Peace Corps volunteer and the other volunteers and I will celebrate America’s independence and the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary. Woo-hoo!

This was my last week of work at Hytrol. Everyone has been very supportive of me and happy for me to go do this. It was really hard saying good-bye to everyone, BUT if everyone keeps their word I am going to have a ton of good pen pals! Yay!

Next week I am going to finish packing and tie up some loose ends. I still need to get personal property insurance and Power of Attorney forms. Then I am dropping of my sweet Uli at her new home on Monday. Sad day for me. Then the rest of next week I will spend some time with my dad then spend the rest of the week with my family and friends.

Then it’s game time!!!!!


  1. Good luck and enjoy it all you can. My wife and i were in Fiji Peace Corps group 33 from 1978 to 1980. Keep a good journal and write letters home. The people of Fiji are wonderful. We were in Nayavu Village on the King’s Highway. Watch out for the cockroaches. 🙂

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