Posted by: Alicia Phillips | March 1, 2011

Live in the Present

Well, I’m officially a no-mad. Even though I have a place to sleep for the next 2 months (my wonderful, beautiful, patient mother’s house), it’s still not my own, and I am living out of a suitcase (and a big cardboard box) for the next 77 days, what fun…  

Moving out of my apt was a bitch. I gave away almost everything that I own and I still managed to get 4 truckloads of stuff crammed in to my mom’s spare bedroom. And when I say I gave away almost everything I own, I mean it. I gave away my bed, my TV, my TV stand, my PC, probably close to 90% of my clothes, every single plate, glass, bowl, fork, knife, platter, and skillet in my kitchen, all my kitchen appliances (microwave, George foreman, blenders, etc.) my grill, my bookcase, all of my lamps, most of my wall hangings, my vacuum cleaner, and pretty much anything else that I won’t be needing in the next 2 months or 2 years from now. I put a big cardboard sign in front of my apartment complex dumpster that said “FREE STUFF” and started piling it up. Now, you may say “That was dumb! Why didn’t you have a yard sale and make some money?” And I would reply “Because I’m dumb, and I ran out of time. And when I started I did not realize just how much stuff I would be giving away or I most definitely would have, because I could sure use the money to buy some supplies for Fiji.” Oh well, maybe some good karma will find me in the future and I won’t be too terribly put out when I come back. Here’s hoping. But on a serious note, it is an odd feeling to watch strangers go through your belongings and walk away with something you have lived with and used for years. It was strangely liberating, I almost feel lighter, less burdened. It really made this whole process seem real, like I’m really doing this, I’m really going to live on an island on the other side of the world for 2 years and when I come back I will have to start all over. I figured I would be more scared, but I honestly can’t freaking wait.

                On another note, I have successfully made contact with a few other PCV’s leaving with me in May. Thanks to Facebook I have tracked them down and we have been sharing stories about how we are preparing for this crazy adventure. It will be nice to at least kind of know someone when we all meet in Los Angeles for staging.  I also have made contact with some PCV’s who are already serving in Fiji, and they tell me how excited they are to meet us, and I am getting some pointers on what I should and shouldn’t pack. Very helpful! Can’t wait to meet everyone! Can’t wait to get there!! Can’t wait to get started!!!

I officially turned in my letter of resignation today at Hytrol. Sad day. But I will continue to work right up until I leave, so I don’t have to say “bye” to everyone just yet. Boy, I am not looking forward to that, at all…   The people I work with at Hytrol are some of the best and most caring people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. They have all been so supportive of my decision to join the Peace Corps.

So, that’s what’s been going on with me, just getting myself ready to go. I am spending the next couple of weeks hanging out with my favorite people, doing my favorite things, spending time with family, eating as much good food as I can, working out hard so I will be in “island shape” soon, ha, studying my Fijian (O sa lako ki vei? Au sa lako kin a yanuyanu!) , taking a ton of pictures, downloading a ton of books, playing with my puppy Uli before I give her up (SAD DAY!!!), and doing what my big sister Stella told me to do, to live in the present!

Vinaka Vaka Levu for reading my blog! Moce Mada!!


  1. Your journey in life has just taken another turn! I love you darlin! I love you and Uli living with me for the next 2 months too. It will be a sad sweet day for me when you leave for Figi, sad because I will miss you so much and sweet because you are fullfilling one of your passions in life.

  2. You’re beautiful in every way, my friend. I’m going to miss you times a million!

  3. You are so amazing. Take after your wonderful Mom, no doubt !! Wish you the best in your venture.. or should I say, adventure.. Sounds super.. BUT please translate.. whatever that Fiji was that you wrote here. LOL God bless you and watch over you and help you to keep yourself steady in any unusual circumstances!! LOL BIG HUGS from your Aunt LouAnn n Uncle Herb..

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