Posted by: Alicia Phillips | February 9, 2011

97 Days Out…..But Who’s Counting?

97 more days until I leave the country! I am getting really excited! 97 days sounds like a long time until you break it down in to weekends. When you look at it that way I really only have 14 weekends left. And I have something going on EVERY weekend until I leave!

I am officially a nomad at the end of February. The lease on my apartment is up so for 2 1/2 months my mom and I will be roomies. She is willing to put up with me until I’m outta here. It is going to be hard moving back home, don’t get me wrong, my mom is AWESOME and she will be great to live with, it will just be hard not being on my own. I have lived by myself for the last year and I am in LOVE with it. Coming home and doing whatever I want, staying up late, sleeping on my couch all night, cooking whatever I want, paying my own bills even though it breaks me financially. I just love being on my own, but, I will be ALL ALONE pretty soon so I guess I should enjoy the time spent with my mom.

My big brother Vill is in Army Ranger School right now in Georgia, I don’t know if I will get to see him before I leave. There is a good chance he will graduate in April and I can go to his graduation, but it’s not guaranteed. But it makes me happy to know he is doing what makes him happy, and he’s kicking ass at it!

My other big brother Cy and his wife, Meighan, are having a baby boy in June. This will be my first nephew and it makes me a little sick to my stomach that I am going to miss his “Welcome to the World” day, but I have been assured by Meighan that I will receive plenty of pictures of him. If anyone is interested; this is their blog :

And my big sister, Stella, will be returning to the states after a 2 year stay in Italy this June. She is stationed at Ft. Edwards Air Force Base in California. She is coming home to visit sometime in April, so I will get to see her before I leave! Yay!

Here is a picture of us when we were still all together, it may be my favorite picture in the whole universe.

An issue I am having trouble figuring out is what to do with is my car. For those of you that don’t know, I love my car. But she has a few quirks, for example: my entire left front bumper has a custom-made duct tape bumper job designed by yours truly, not one of my windows rolls down, almost every light on my dashboard is on so it looks like a christmas tree every time I start my car, I need new brakes, my speakers are blown (thank you Steven Tyler), and whenever it rains it wont go over 25 mph.

I don’t want to sell it, I want to have something to come back to. Everyone thinks I should sell it though. It’s a good car, just needs some work. I think I am going to keep it. It’s my first car and I want to drive it until it literally falls apart on the street. So if you see a black 2001 grand am with a duct tape bumper coming your way, steer clear.

Another issue is Uli, my super sweet, super cute Jack Russel Terrier. For those of you that are wondering, Matt Mandich will be taking over custody of her in May. Matt and I got Uli when we were together, and we are still great friends and we will continue to  keep in touch, so he will be taking care of her from then on. Sad day for me though.


That’s all I got right now, I am just anxiously waiting for my next paycheck so I can pay some bills then start buying stuff off! Pretty soon I will start packing up my little apartment and start getting mentally prepared to be mentally exhausted for the next 6-8 months. 🙂 Yay Peace Corps!


  1. Alicia-
    I’m totally loving your blog so far! I’m excited to be able to follow you in your upcoming journeys. Keep the pictures coming, too!! I realize you only have 14 weekends left and something to do for each one, but I hope one of those weekends you have allotted time for an amazing going away party! See you soon for some Shaun T and Insanity.

    • I am reserving a weekend for my going away party! no worries!!!!!! 🙂
      Bring on the Insanity! I gotta get in island shape!!

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