Posted by: Alicia Phillips | February 4, 2011

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

I am creating this blog as a means to keep everyone casually updated about my future life as a Peace Corps volunteer (“trainee” until I’m sworn in as a full volunteer at the end of in-country training) in Fiji. By now I’m sure most everyone in my family and circle of friends has heard that I will be away for 27 months serving as a community health promoter in this island nation nestled in the middle of the South Pacific. I am leaving on May 17, out of Los Angeles and after that, I’m not really sure where I’ll be or when I will get reliable internet service, but I promise to try my best to keep this updated with what I am up to.

I can assure everyone that I’m beginning to feel the impending enormity of my decision, I have no illusions of living on a beautiful beach somewhere and snorkeling every day between mai tai’s and naps in a hammock. I know I will be living in a much harsher environment without the amenities that I am used to living in the states, but I am still just as excited as I was when I applied.  I know that everyone is behind me and has my back – which I appreciate, as I could not do this without the support of those I love and respect.

Consider this blog active!  Also, you would be really cool if you subscribed.


  1. Alicia:

    Thanks for reading my blog! I’m excited to meet you. We’re just starting to gear up for all of you to arrive. May will come right around the corner. I think you’re going to love it here!

    BTW, I do live right at the beach, snorkeling often. And some volunteers do actually take their naps in a hammock. The mai tai’s absolutely do not happen here. So, rest assured, you will be making sacrifices. But this is a great place to serve … we call it the PC Jackpot!


  2. Oh, Alicia, I do envy you the next few years of your life. It’s so wonderful that you’ve decided to commence this journey into unknown territory, something totally new to you. I will definately be following you as you ‘blog’ for us all. Totally amazing! You come from a stalwart family and have high values instilled in you. Your Grandmother (my sister-in-law) must be so thrilled with your decision. I KNOW you Mom is busting with pride when she considers her 4 children and their actual and potential achievements. Wishing you the best in this venture and am looking forward to reading your blog as the days unfold. God bless you! HUGS.. Aunt LouAnn & Uncle Herb

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